About Kadreilia

What is Kadreilia?

Kadreilia was originally created as a setting to a story I was writing, until I began imagining details far beyond what my story would ever cover. Eventually, I decided that the world itself was far more interesting than my story, although both are still continuing projects (Kadreilia itself will never be finished, the story, well…give me a couple of years (decades? centuries?) then ask me).

The time that I refer to as the present on Kadreilia is the year 4374, by the Iilkana calendar, or just before the events in To Steal the Moons.

The World Itself

Kadreilia is an Earth-like planet whose name, in the Kardii language, means simply ‘the world’. It has its own geography, plants and animals, and people.

Kadreilia has four moons, which are refered to by their Kardii names. From largest to smallest (when viewed from Kadreilia), they are Kasnia, Eliri, Alavel and Tinian. Kasnia is very large, much bigger than our moon. Eliri and Alavel are a little smaller than our moon and are quite close in size to each other (although the apparent size of Eliri tends to vary). Tinian is very small. Kasnia is grey-white, Eliri is yellow, Alavel and Tinian are blue-white and very bright.

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